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Square Wool Scarf Winter Fashion Accessory

Square Wool Scarf Winter Fashion Accessory
Winter is seems to be a pleasant time for hot country like India. Winter fashion in India is different from those western cold countries as well. In this cold season people cover their body with warm clothes & other wool accessories. But those days are gone when people used to wear woolen clothes just to warm their bodies. Today people wear fashionable winter clothes & other fashion accessories during this season. Most of people uses shawls, scarves, fashion ponchos & neck scarves or mufflers during this season of cold winds. While most of the girls & ladies are seen wearing a square wool scarf around their neck. Winter fashion Accessories like square scarf are used around the wold as winter accessories as well as a fashion accessory these days.

Wool square scarf has double qualities; elegance and comfort. Popularly known as jamawar in India, these are hand-woven scarves in wool of very high quality, keeping your body warm, yet never giving that itch feeling that we commonly experience with woolen clothes. Jacquard weaving in jamawar is very classic, something that was initially popularized by the French in 17th and 18th century, when they started to have shawls made in India according to their designs. Wear these long rectangular scarves to your office as a regular business or formal wear. They have subdued elegance. Others will silently admire your taste.

Square Wool Scarf

In jamawar square scarf, the design is woven into the very fabric of the cloth. This is done by replacing the shuttle used in ordinary weaving and a series of small, eyeless wooden bobbins known in Kashmiri as Kani, each filled with colored yarn. The work is achieved by two or three weavers seated on a loom. The jacquard designs used by scarf manufacturers in Europe had profound influence on Kashmirs own Kani design. Thus the cone entered the final phase of development as an abstraction, a scroll, often less a unit on its own than part of an overall complexity of pattern. The marriage of jacquard designs and kani technique was often not aesthetically successful, and in the scarf of the industry's great period, the exuberance of the Sikh period design often degenerated into coarseness, even vulgarity. This general decline of artistic standards, however, did not preclude the production of particular exquisite pieces, and certainly implied no lowering of the standard of an infinitely painstaking craftsmanship.

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