Monday, September 12, 2011

Fashion Jewelry Set in Sterling Silver & Gemstones

Jewelry Set in sterling silver and gemstone. The sheer variety of earrings, rings bracelets & necklaces in India is matchless. Each part of the of jewelry set has its own importance & romantic representation. A ring as token of love, a bracelet as bound of love & friendship, earring enhances the beauty of the wearer's face & the most important thing necklace show the pure bound of love & grace around the neck.

Fashion Jewelry Set in Sterling Silver & Gemstones

Silver Jewelery Set

'Earrings'- Most ear ornaments are virtually bunches (jhumka) of fruits and flowers. Some are even known as karan phool , i.e.' Ear flowers'. Often they are so heavy that the ear-lobe dilates to the extent that long-hanging earrings that touch shoulders.

'Necklaces'- Elegant silver handmade necklaces. All pieces are unique, handmade silver jewelry necklaces in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstone beads and pearls. These necklaces, both elegant and ethnic, are appraised by everyone.

'Pendent'- Beautiful, elegant, eye-capturing silver casting jewelry of India with new designs and new fashion for your chains to decorate your neck.

'Bracelets'- Make your wrist look slim and elegant with silver bracelets. Silver bracelet with precious or semi precious stones of India.

'Rings'- Decorate your fingers with silver rings, sterling silver rings, silver wrap around bands ladies silver ring, gent's silver ring, silver rings for your valentines, friends and relatives.

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