Friday, September 30, 2011

Bangle Bracelets, Cuff Bracelet, Indian Wrist Jewelry

Bangle Bracelets, Cuff Bracelet, Indian Wrist Jewelry
Bracelets have great romantic and amorous connotation. A simple bracelet is slipped on to the wrist by mere pressure, occasionally over a thin coating of oil applied to the hand. Some bracelets have a gap between the two ends from where these are slipped on to the wrist from its side. In most cases, the single tier bracelet, when hollow, is adorned with repousse work motifs, and when solid, with engraving.
Cuff Bracelet
  In two tiered bracelets, the outer rim is usually adorned with additional lobes, pendants, and jingle bells. The more handsome variety usually comprise of a prominent pendant attached to a circular ring which in turn may have further smaller pendants or other decorative elements affixed to the outer rim. Often the screw of the pin that locks the bracelet is itself a highly decorative element, not distinguishable as a separate part, but an integral component of the design.
Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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