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Handmade Gem Beads Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry

Handmade Gem Beads Semi Precious Gemstone Jewelry
Handmade gem beads or semi precious gemstone jewelry pieces have a classic look that adds something extra to your unique fashion. It can change an entire outfit by transforming something dull into something noticeable and vibrant. Gem stone pieces are worn by both women and men. Anything from stud earrings to an engagement ring or wedding band can be set with these stones.

Beauty aids, creams and cosmetics were made from a paste of stones. They were used to paint the eyes, mouth and face. Malachite, Egypt's favorite stone, was used by the high priestesses as a cosmetic for their eyes and hair. Also the ruby was used to redden the mouth or face. The deep blue of the lapis was used on eyelids.
The beauty of precious stones is incomparable - which is why they are so prized in jewelry. Since the beginning of time on this planet, stones have been used to enhance and adorn the body, the clothes and the environment. In many cultures, the stone cutters (the lapidaries) were knowledgeable about the hidden and mystical properties of stones.

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Designer Gem Beads, Semi Precious stones and gems of great beauty are used in the crowns of kings, queens, and religious leaders for the same purpose of charging them as a battery. These leaders were believed to be symbols of divinity on earth. The Tibetan Buddhist believes in five sacred stones: the crystal for light; the turquoise for infinity of sea and sky; the coral for life and form; gold for the golden ray of the sun; and silver for the light of the moon. Amber and the carnelian are often used in their jewelry or charm boxes. The American Indian also has great reverence for these stones. The turquoise is worn for protection and is believed to hold the atmosphere of the world. The coral is worn for life and blood force. It is amazing to me that these two cultures (the Tibetan and the American Indian), which are located so far from each other, have so many of the same customs. They both respect and love the earth. They are connected to the magic and power of everything that is alive, knowing that everything has a soul and a vibration. They believe and trust that the elements in nature are our ancestors, and that they should be consulted for advice.
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