Monday, May 02, 2011

Finding the Perfect Father's Day Gift

The perfect gift for father's day should be well thought out, personal and different. Adding an Indian touch to those regular presents will help increase the value of the present and the surprise felt by your father.
Kurta Pajama Father's Day Gift
The Kurta Pajama is a personal and useful choice. A traditional Indian piece of clothing, the Kurta Pajama is comfortable and can be warn on any occasion. A universally popular choice, it is made in pure cotton to help endure those warn summer days. These Kurta Pajama sets from Rajasthan and Gujarat are not only found in traditional block printing patterns, but also tie and dye, rich embroidery and intricate mirror work.
Long Sleeve Short Kurta for Men
The short kurtas are similar to the kurta pajama, only with the absence of the pajama and shorter Kurtas. A more casual pick, the Mens short sleeve Casual Cotton Shirt Kurtas, are made for comfort and endurance for the summer heat. A more affordable option, the Short Kurtas, like the Kurta pajama, come in various designs and patterns including tie and dye, block printing, rich Indian embroidery and intricate mirror work.
Men's Jewelry Cufflinks
Cufflinks- The perfect gift for all those workaholic fathers out there. Made out of sterling silver and different gemstones, these Indian handmade novelties are a well thought out and unique gift. This item is definitely going to earn you kids some browny points this year!.
Lord Ganesha Statue
Used for religious and inspirational purposes, sculptures and statues, of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, help bring about peace, serenity and a sense of inspiration and stimulus in the surrounding areas. Carved by some of the finest sculptors of India, most of these styles were introduces in the 10th and 11th century.

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