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Traditional Body Jewellery Silver Ankle Bracelets

Traditional Body Jewellery Silver Ankle Bracelets
Anklet toe ring: Ankle is an ornament worn around the ankle and toe rings are small circular bands, made of metal that is worn on the toes. Worn commonly on the second toe of either feet, these tiny adorable toe rings are considered an important accessory for the married women. It forms one of the most popular fashion accessories among the Indians. The toe rings are usually adjustable type and are available in a variety of designs.
Silver Anklet Toe Ring
Anklets are also known as an ankle bracelet which are used to adorn the ankles. Anklet is a perfect piece of art. this is a fashion accessories among all age groups, especially the teenage group. The anklets come with loving embellishments, intricate carvings and other fine artistry easily done on silver. Silver anklets called pajeb or jhanjhar in India, are made by tying links in a chain. Subsequently, sonorous bells can be attached to the chain, so that the wearer can make pleasing sounds while walking.
Sterling Silver Anklets Pair
Traditionally handcrafted silver anklets are embedded with silver beads. Absolutely charming, ankle bracelets go well with any casual dress for women, occidental or oriental. They are particularly suited for summers when women love to wear sandals. The feet of an Indian woman are very often adorned with anklets. Anklets are of two basic types, i.e. the stiff and the flexible.
Stiff Anklet
 The stiff anklets are either cast or fabricated by hammering sheet metal into the requisite shape. Using the techniques of chiseling, engraving, repousse, granulation, or threading and wire work, anklets are patterned.
Silver Gemstone Ankle Bracelet
The anklets have always enhanced the dainty & feminine side with elegance. India have two types of materials used for defining the shape of anklets available in traditional and chunky designing. Such as : Sterling Silver Anklet and Stone Anklet, both are crafted by hands. It is a perfect gift and there is no better music to the ears of a lover than the jingling sound arising from the steps of his beloved.
Silver Anklets

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