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Indian Silver Jewellery Fashion Jewelry Gifts

Indian Silver Jewellery Fashion Jewelry GiftsIn India jewellery helps to identify a persons religion, caste, social and marital status. Traditional handcrafted pure silver jewelry in attractive distinctive patterns. Exquisitely crafted color full silver ornaments in exultant designs, from the framed craftsmen of India. Chose from a vast variety of pure silver earrings, necklaces, pendants, armlets, rings, bangles, belly chains, anklets, toe-rings and in exuberant color. Jewelry has been in fashion in India for both sexes from time immemorial- did you know there exists a relationship between the ornament worn and the health of the wearer! Like the moon, silver is believed to posses the property of ‘coolness’, against that of ‘heat’ generated by gold.

Ethnic Indian silver jewelry is very popular among all sects, since silver is extremely popular among the rural communities, silver ornaments reflect a vast array of techniques, patterns, motifs and styles.

Sterling Silver Necklace

Silver necklaces with their casual and smart looks are currently hot favorites with its low price tag, elegant designs and vast variety; these necklaces are good values for money.
Silver Jewelry India
Similarly, pure silver earrings and pendants are sleek, smart and valuable acquisitions. There is a vast selection in earrings, from the simple studs to the ornate ‘Jhumka’. Exquisitely ornamental pendants in easy conceivable shape and size are available for you to choose. And so are amulets to guard against danger and evil.

Silver Jewelry Set
Designer Indian silver jewelry amulets, rings and armlets deliberately crafted are available in an amazing array of shapes and designs. Anklets, bracelets and toe-rings beautify your feet and make them not neglected! In India Jewelry helps to identify a persons religion, caste, social and marital status. It is also the surest form of currency that can be unleashed.

Pure Silver is too soft to withstand hammering. To provide it with more strength, it is generally alloyed with copper. The proportion differs according to the requirements of the objects that are to be made. Silversmiths have been important members of village communities form time immemorial. Besides silver, they make jewelry or ornaments of a variety of materials, including lac and glass, and are either plain or studded with pearls, diamonds and other gems. These are used as ornaments to adorn the following parts of the body: Head and forehead, Nose and ears, Neck, Arms and hands, Waist, Ankles and toes.
Anklet Toe Ring

Silver jewelry has been in use among tribals and the less affluent sections of Indian society but it became even more popular after the arrival of Muslims in India. Banjara (a nomadic tribe) women are perhaps the most heavily ornamented in the world; their gorgeous costumes, sometimes studded with mirrors and striking embellishments, are an external manifestation of their great zest for life. These jewelry ornaments are made of silver and are usually chunky, but also include delicate chains, which are placed on the hair and face. Banjara women always carry at least twelve pounds of ornaments, be it earrings, necklaces or waist-bands, on themselves

Silver Necklace Bracelet Set

Pure unalloyed silver is too soft and malleable to be worked on. Techniques and processes used for making silver ornaments included wire drawing, hammering, punching, repousse, etching, filigree, granulation, casting, birdi and inlay work. Despite the simple handmade and basic nature of the tools used by the India silversmith, the finished products is an amazing thing of beauty, unsurpassed in workmanship and skill.
Ethnic Indian Jewellery


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