Friday, September 10, 2010

Scarf Fashions Accessory Wrap Styles

Scarf Fashions Accessory  Wrap Styles
A scarf serves multiple purposes. A scarf can add glamor to a simple dress, touch a warmth on a cold day and protects hair from dust and sun rays in the summer. Whenever you wear a scarf remember that there are many ways to wrap a scarf. Its depend upon you which style suits on you and whatever you like.

Neck Scarf(Muffler) Style:
Neck Scarf Muffler Style
You can choose this style when you wear a long rectangular scarf. This is very easy and quick style and looks elegant with any type of dress. But basically you can wear it with salwar kameez.

Poncho Style:
Poncho Style Scarf

This is the another style of wrap a scarf. This is also called poncho style. You can choose this style when you wear a large square scarf. Turn a scarf into a triangle.

Drape around your neck.
Drape Around Your Neck

Wrap Style:
Body Wrap Style Scarf
For this style you have to choose a long rectangular scarf. In this style you wear the scarf around your whole body. This is very simple and quick style. This is also called shawl style or wrap style.

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