Monday, September 27, 2010

Ladies Fashion Accessory with Tie Dye Prints

Ladies Fashion Accessory with Tie Dye Prints
The tying of cloth with thread and then dyeing it is the simplest and perhaps the oldest form of creating patterns on a plain piece of cloth.
Bandhani Saree

Tie dye printed cotton Sari is made by the artisans of Rajasthan in north India. These are colorful, yet always light on body. Women wear tie dye print cotton Sari on informal and casual occasions as well as wedding dresses.

Shawls in tye and dye print give earthy and rustic look that many women are very fond of. These shawls go very well with jeans trousers and make great casual dress. The wool fabric is of a coarse kind since they pick up colors during tie dye process better than other fabric.
Indian Tie Dye Print Scarf
Scarves in tie dye print serve multiple purposes. It is an important part of the sundresses during summer season in India. It is light in weight and soaks sweat well. Colorful print on these scarves also makes them look very elegant.
Cotton Printed Salwar Kameez
Womens Casual fashion dresses shalwar kameez is the preferred dress for Asian women. School going teens to old age women, every one prefers shalwar kameez to any other form of dress. The dress is easy to wear. It covers entire body, looks graceful without ever giving feel of orthodoxy.
Tie Dye Skirt
This skirt is very ethnic in look. The skirts are made using typical Rajasthani Textiles. The Textile of Rajasthan has a fascinating range of dyed and block printing fabrics. The most commonly used fabric is cotton in which Rajasthani colour-scheme design and technique is used in the skirts.

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