Tuesday, August 24, 2010

How to Wear Indian Sari Traditional Clothing for Women

Women across the globe introducing to you the Ready-to -Wear Indian sari. If you thought you could never wear a sari because you didn't know how to wear, you can now change your mind!

Dress up in this eternal essence of femininity and make heads turn at parties, on the streets and especially at home. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to look like an Indian beauty without a hassle. The Ready-to-Wear Sari can be worn like any other dress you wear. Just follow the Instructions carefully and there you are looking like a million dollars.

How to Wear Indian Sari Traditional Clothing for Women

Step 1: Wear your petticoat and blouse and pass the sari around to the front maintain the same height.

Step 2: Hold your sari from the corner keeping the fall of the sari towards the feet.

Step 3: Tuck in the sari into your petticoat, take it around you towards the left and then from behind towards the right, bringing it out with your right hand. Make sure the sari is well tucked in all around the waist. The pleats of the sari should settle in the center of the belly and you can press them with your hands to make sure they are well evened out and settling elegantly at your ankles or below your feet as per your style.

Step 4: Now take the rest of the sari, this is known as the "pallu". Put it over the left shoulder and let it flow. You can pin up the "pallu" at the shoulder so it remains in place or you can simply let it hang over your shoulder like you would with a muffler or a shawl.

The Final Look >>>Look like an Indian beauty queen.
Look like an Indian beauty queen

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