Thursday, July 22, 2010

Fashion Jewellery Silver Armlet Bajuband Anniversary Gift Ideas

Fashion Jewellery Silver Armlet Bajuband Anniversary Gift Ideas
Fashion jewellery silver armlet, also known as an armring or an armband, is a band of metal, usually a precious metal, worn as an ornament around the biceps of the upper arm. The arm ring is similar to a bracelet or bangle, though it must be shaped and sized to fit snugly to the upper arm.Historically, the arm ring was commonly worn by men, and often a ring in bronze age heroic literature would refer to an arm ring, rather than a finger ring, however, in Celtic iron-age literature, "ring" would also refer to a torc.Armlets are commonly known as bajuband in India. They are worn on the upper arm, just above the elbow. The wearers of the bajuband are considered wealthy, as it is a symbol of prosperity. Bajubands also help modestly cover bare arms of a woman. In India, like the moon, silver is considered to possess the alchemic properties of coolness against that of heat generated by gold. In other words, silver jewelry is supposed to have a cooling effect on the wearers metabolism, whereas those of gold are believed to heat up the body. It is but natural that being popular among the vast rural communities, the silver jewelry of India reflects an enormous array of techniques, patterns, motifs, as well as beliefs and practices of the micro cultural regions to which they respectively belong. Flowers and foliage, fruits and berries, birds and animals commonly found in the surroundings of each region have been instrumental in providing design inspiration to the local silversmiths. Today, armlets are more commonly worn by women.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Latest Indian Fashion Womens Casual Wear Salwar Kameez

In India, salwar kameez is the most common casual dress for young women. Cotton is the best salwar kameez as casual wear. They are cool, flowing and elegant. Casual salwar kameez are available in designs ranging from ethnic chic to traditional to modern prints, in a wide range of fabrics. Women of all sizes can wear these outfits. These sets are available in various prints, color,designs and styles.

Latest Indian Fashion Womens Casual Wear Salwar Kameez

Indian ladies will prefer to wear their traditional cotton salwar kameez at home, the majority of Indian women will go for the cheap cotton salwar kameez. These salwar kameez are also produced in simple designs and low rates for regular wear. Casual salwar kameez are stylish and wonderfully comfortable, ideal for the long hot Indian summers.

Shalwar Kurta
Chikan Embroidered Salwar Kameez- Chikan embroidered salwar kameez is very popular.the embroidery work is embellished with threads.Chikan salwar kameez come in variety of colors, designs and patterns. The look of any fabric is enhanced with chikan hand embroidery on the kurta, bottom of the salwar and the dupatta is also embroidered gorgeously.

Gujarati Embroidery- Gujarati embroidery involves a lot of geometric patterns with use of mirrors and beads. Each state in India has a unique embroidery style and an equally unique set of motifs. Gujarati embroidery is a form of rich indian style embroidery. There is hardly any design or technique that is not included in Indian designs.

Tie and Dye - Bandhej Salwar Kameez in designs & patterns & color combinations.An excellent tie dye print garmets in many colors, sizes and styles.Exquisitely dyed clothing with new designs,colors and patterns.

Kids Salwar Kameez- salwar kameez outfits in all sizes. The same dress can also be made for your teenage daughter or for your kids in soft fabric and unique design.