Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Indian Silver Jewellery Unique Pendants & Amulets

A pendants necklace (from Old French) is a hanging object, generally attached to a necklace or an earring. In modern French this is a word meaning 'during'(also the gerund form of "hanging").
Indian Silver Jewellery Unique Pendants & Amulets
Handcrafted sterling silver pendant and chain for the star sign Taurus. Star sign pendant in sterling silver, handcrafted by the supremely skilled craftsmen of village India. Pure unalloyed silver is too soft and malleable to be worked on.
Silver Pendant Chain
Sterling silver (Silver 92.5 %, Copper 7.5 %) makes it easy for the silversmith to fashion any ornament through the technologies of wore drawing, hammering, punching, repousse, etching, filigree, enameling, granulation, casting Birdi and inlay work. With homemade and most basic tools, the Indian silversmith fashions these necklaces using traditional methods.
Silver Flower Pendant Chain
These include wire drawing, done through a hardened steel plate having a series of granulated holes. Repousse work in which silver is hammered to the required gauge and then cut and soldered together to get the desired form. By means of hammering from the reverse side the required decoration is achieved. Etching is done using a variety of chisels and corrosive agents.
Unique Pendants & Amulets
 For granulation, the silver is beaten into a wire, and then cut into small bits. The pieces are placed on a wooden plank, heated individually with a torch and blower and made into balls, which are then soldered. Sterling silver pendant enhance your beauty and make you look wonderfully attractive. They are designed to give you that seductive oriental look.

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