Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kurta, Shirt, Tunic Costumes from India

Kurta, Shirt, Tunic Costumes from India
Apart from the sari, ghagra and choli, another very important costume depicted in art is the kurta or the Persian shirt. These kurtas have an opening at the neck and slits on the sides. Some of the women's kurias have slits on the sides and give the impression of a four-pointed hemline. Another style of the Kurta was with a crossover flap and side openings, somewhat similar to the angarhha. The ankle-length fitted tunics appear to be of the Turanian Tartar style.
Short Kurta Shirt Men

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Indian Shawl Stole Wool Fabric Wrap Clothing

Indian Shawl Stole Wool Fabric Wrap Clothing
In India, The Kashmir shawls is known all over the world for superfine quality of wool, its intricate designs and remarkable craftsmanship, a reputation it has had for centuries. Embroidery has been develop into a fine art in Kashmir.

For most people, the word Kashmir is synonymous with the woven and embroidered shawls that have,through the centuries,become a byword for elegance and luxury all over the world.but every craft,even one as sophisticated as the Kashmir shawl, has its roots in day-to-day life;and though the evolution of design in shawls has been studied exhaustively, scholars have devoted little attention to the local village traditions of textile manufacture which provided the basic reservoir of skills to enable the shawl industry to develop as it did.

The famous pashmina shawl is an integral part of the Kashmir.these shawls are woven by Kashmiri weavers. A heavy embroidered work, raffal a fine worsted mainly used for shawls. 
Pure Cashmere Pashmina Shawl
In Kashmir proper, indeed, the usual conotation of tht word "homespun" to imply something rough and coarse. The cottage textile industries of Kashmir, the village weaver has at his command probably the finest hand spinning skill in the world-surpassed only by the pashmina spinners of Srinagar. The Kashmiri spinning-wheel, yender, has a traditional and unique design.
Silk Pashmina Stole