Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Traditional Indian Silver Gemstone Jewellery Set

Traditional Indian Silver Jewellery Set
Imagine wearing these silver necklace chains to your favorite parties and all eyes turning towards you. These necklaces in shining silver are at once eye catching and yet always graceful. A large number of contemporary women in India are turning away from gold and adopting silver in their ornaments. There is a belief in India that silver has the property of keeping your body and mind cool. Gold on the other hand is considered to have heating properties.

As I am from India, my list of favorite jewelry set consists of only Indian jewelry made in traditional styles. I also love to wear handcrafted jewelry from India as they give "elegantly rustic" look.

Traditional Indian Silver Gemstone Jewellery Set
For winter, I prefer to select from necklaces, pendant, bracelets, bangles, earring. But come spring and summer, and my choice moves on to unique jewelry like belly chain, armlets and anklets.