Monday, October 06, 2008

Women Top Shirt Blouse Cotton Fabric Casual Clothes

Women Top Shirt Blouse Cotton Fabric Casual Clothes
Womens Tank Tops from Fashions is blissfully comfortable for summer. These chikan embroidered tops for women are made in extremely light cotton fabric. You feel almost no weight of these tops. The special style embroidery on these tops is called 'chikan', developed in the 16th century in the courts of muslim kings in north India. The popularity of Chikan embroidered tops never seems to wane. Wear these tops outdoors in summer and you can relax in total comfort. They go well with trousers as well as skirts.

Chikan Embroidery has patterns of different designs stitched using untwisted white cotton or silk (or rayon) threads on the surface of the fabric. In Chikan work, there is a fixed repertoire of stitches and it is usual for several types of stitches to appear on the same piece of embroidery. The different types of Chikan work done today are Taipchi, Bakhia, Phunda, Murri, Jaali, Hathkati, Pechni, Ghas Patti, Chaana Patti etc. Chikan embroidery is a very laborious and time consuming task.
Cotton Kurti Top Shirt
Fabric used is light weight hand-loom woven cotton. Hand block print in natural dyes in shades of maroon, blue or green makes you feel close to nature. Sometimes these tops are also hand embroidered which adds to charm of top shirt. Wear these as casual dress outdoors in summer. They not only look elegant under sun, they are comfortable too since they help soak any kind of sweat you may have. Besides they are airy and breathe easily.
Women Top Shirt Blouse

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